Where kids play to teach... and experts learn from the real experts of play - children!

FunLab is where children and experts get together to help Hasbro make better play experiences for children around the world!

Enroll your child to "test" toys and games at Hasbro's FunLab. We are looking for children and families of all ages. Every child/adult who is eligible and participates will receive a special gift!

To enroll in the FunLab program, please click on the box below which will provide you with the FunLab registration form.

Enroll in the FunLab!

If you are already enrolled in the FunLab program, please go directly to the section My Account to update your family’s information. By registering with the FunLab, you agree to be bound by the eligibility determinations made by Hasbro in accordance with each research project’s particular specifications.